Duniel AV
Duniel AV

Novatech – Database Entry

I had the chance to be involved in some freelance work for a technology/electronics based company in Miami called Novatech. Novatech contacted me to help them with a lot of database entry work that had to be done in a very short period of time through a software called Quickbooks and I agreed to that freelance work. they had an overload of files that had to be re-arranged and also entered on their Quickbooks database. This was a 2 month freelance work that started in January 2017 and ended in the beginning of March 2017.

Novatech is a leading company providing global services. They focus on improving the performance and productivity of their customers. Novatech is a group born after the fusion of great experiences in the IT market and strong strategic alliances with companies of great international prestige.

This company is known for being a Center for Intelligent Solutions designed to provide their customers an efficient service backed by personalized service of our professionals.

They offer customized solutions that enable their customers to manage the increasing complexity of the technology market by increasing its profitability by extending and expanding its channels of information technology. Their presence and position in the technology industry, provide a unique view of the entire IT supply chain and helps them improve their ability to offer distinguished services to their customers.

Novatech not only offers the best brands with the highest quality, reliability, durability and technology, but they also focus on providing the best after-sales service to each of their customers with maintenance, repair, training and a unified harmony of the whole team.