Duniel AV
Duniel AV

Shavac – Nite Nite ft. Mister Darrell (Official Music Video)

I had the privilege to produce the very first music video for Shavac’s song “Nite Nite” off his EP called “BathroomOrchestra.” It was definitely a really interesting experience and very entertaining as well. I was in charge of directing, filming and editing the video, however, this production would not have been completed without the contribution of Jonguk Yoo who also directed this video and helped me film and get footage for it, I also have to thank the actor/model Elsa Magaña for taking part in this production and also Shavac for giving me the opportunity to work on his video.

★Arranged and Performed by: Williams Darrell.
★Produced by: Duniel AV, LLC.

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